The 5 Things for March 4, 2021

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A few weeks ago we passed an important deadline in the Legislature. February 22 was the last day to pass bills out of committee. The next big deadline is Tuesday, March 9 which is the last day to consider (pass) bills in the house of origin.

My Executive Corner column this week is a bit longer than usual, making up for the lack of a column last week. The title sounds a bit obscure -- Of labels, DEI, and hubris -- but I think the content hangs together well enough. My musing about labels and their power was spurred by an incident with my wife. I hope that you find it interesting.

It's plant sale season for conservation districts. We are hearing great reports of record sales from several conservation districts. While your district can make money on a plant sale, you are also providing a valuable and necessary service to your constituents when you make native plants available to them. Your buyers give you money in exchange for plants, but they also invest a lot of time planting and caring for their stems. WACD is very pleased to be part of your native plant sale team. Our Plant Materials Center staff is always happy to help answer your questions.

Please accept my apologies if some of the shortened links in recent editions of the 5 Things newsletter did not work. It turns out that our newsletter sending service mangles the shortened URLs to the point they don't actually work right. We'll stop using the shortened URLs until that is straightened out.

Tom Salzer, Executive Director
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    5 Things to Know

    1. WACD Legislative Lunch & Legislative Week

    For those interested or planning to participate in Legislative Week starting March 10th, we invite our members and partners to attend a "Legislative Lunch" virtual event on March 8th from 12 - 1 PM via Zoom. We will be doing a brief overview of the legislative session thus far, what budget information districts should know, and the necessary tips for these virtual legislative appointments. Click here to get the information you need.

    2. WACD 2021 Legislative Priorities

    In advance of WACD's 2021 Legislative Week starting on March 10th, WACD staff has prepared a "Legislative 1-Pager" for participating conservation districts to use in their meetings with state legislators. This was prepared by staff, guided by feedback from the Board of Directors, and informed by resolutions adopted by the membership. Find it on the Hub.

    3. Bills of interest that are still alive

    The Washington State Conservation Commission's own Ron Shultz shared late yesterday the most recent update on bills of interest:

    4. "Legislative Flavor"

    SB 5220 would prevent the Department of Revenue from taxing salmon recovery grants. This exemption was established and customary practice for decades until the Department of Revenue informed grant recipients in 2019 that taxes were to be levied. WACD wants to see this bill sail through because we believe that the public dollars entrusted to conservation districts should be focused on delivering conservation projects and not be diluted with taxes that may not support conservation. Read more "legislative flavor" at: https://hub.wadistricts.org/2021/03/march-4-legislative-flavor/

    5. Plant Materials Center update

    Jim Brown, our intrepid WACD PMC Nursery Manager, has a positive and informative update for you, with commentary on harvest, shipping, and the impending spring season. Find it at: https://hub.wadistricts.org/2021/03/plant-materials-center-update-march-4-2021/

    Partners are important!

    Find our list of partners at https://hub.wadistricts.org/wacd/partners-sponsors/partners/.
    • Friends of NACD Your contributions provide funding for technical assistance grants to conservation districts.
    • Washington Conservation Society WCS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so your contributions are tax-deductible. If you make purchases through Amazon Smile, a portion of your purchases goes to WCS in support of their programs and initiatives.

    We appreciate our great sponsors

    Many thanks to our generous sponsors for helping us support Washington State's conservation districts. Find links to these organizations at http://bit.ly/WACDSponsors.
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