The 5 Things for March 11, 2021

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While harvest season at the WACD Plant Materials Center has come to a close, conservation district plant sales are going strong. Please do reach out to our PMC people if you have additional needs.

It's also conservation district election season. We'll hear a little bit more about that at the WSCC meeting next week.

The Joint Committee on Elections a WACD and WSCC cooperative effort was formed this week. WSCC folks will be using GovDelivery to keep you informed and WACD will capture pertinent information on a special web page for that committee.

WACD is interviewing DEI facilitators who may be able to help us as we fulfill the charge in Resolution 2020-05 and Resolution 2020-06 to form a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

During WACD's Legislative Week, Ryan is doing great work in helping our member conservation districts with their legislative efforts. He also produced an easy reading Legislative Flavor report today which is item #1 in our 5 Things list.

Of course, WACD tracks more than just current legislation we also track news about conservation districts and stories that could affect conservation districts. Find that wider range of content on our Reading List at https://raindrop.io/collection/15979489. Each item is tagged so if you are interested in all things #AGRICULTURE just click that tag in the Reading List.

For me, I had an interesting week, full of introspection and activity. The best moment was poignant, painful, and maybe a little bit joyous, too. You can catch up with my thoughts in the Executive Corner column titled Healing Land, Healing People.

Always yours for conservation,

Tom Salzer, Executive Director
exec@wadistricts.org (360) 999-5151 X101

    5 Things to Know

    1. Cutoff for bills in their house of origin was Tuesday

    Legislative & Membership Lead Ryan Baye discusses cutoff and some remarkable aspects of this legislative session in his Legislative Flavor report for March 11.

    2. Legislative Week is underway

    Legislative Week is underway for WACD. It opened with a WACD Legislative Lunch on Monday (recorded for those who could not attend) with the Commission outlining their budget packages and WACD’s analysis of a very unusual legislative session.

    WACD prepared information on some of the critical budget figures, prioritizing conservation technical assistance (click here to view) to get more funding to CDs for local priorities. We are working with a half dozen member-districts to ensure they get in front of their legislators and are aware of 10-12 more CDs making virtual appointments on their own.

    We know districts talk with their legislators throughout the year, but this is the time of year when reminding legislators how important conservation funding is can be critical. If your district isn’t able to schedule legislative appointments, WACD strongly encourages you to send an email or call your legislators. It helps when you share with them some of the reasons why you believe so strongly in the mission of voluntary, incentive-based conservation.

    WACD Legislative Week runs through March 17th.

    3. WACD and WSCC to meet next week

    The WACD Board of Directors will hold a work session on Monday, March 15 at 6 pm via Zoom. Details of that meeting – including how to join the meeting are posted on the Board Meetings page at: https://wadistricts.org/board-of-directors

    The Washington State Conservation Commission will hold a regular meeting on Thursday, March 18 at 8:30 am via GoToMeeting. Details are available on the Commission Meetings page at: https://www.scc.wa.gov/commission-meetings

    4. We have a full WACD Board of Directors!

    WACD has a full Board of Directors! Recently, Jon Birnbaum (Stevens County CD, Northeast Area Association of Conservation Districts) and Amy Amerein (Columbia CD, Southeast Area Association of Conservation Districts) were selected by their area associations to serve as Area Directors.

    Amy lives outside of Dayton and is a pharmacist retiring very, very slowly. Jon operates a ranch near Hunters, flies planes for UPS, and also serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Mississippi Air National Guard.

    We are looking forward to helping them come up to speed and to their guidance and perspective. If you run across them, please thank them for agreeing to serve!

    5. Harvest season is over at the Plant Materials Center

    While harvest season at the PMC has come to a close, there are still plants in cold storage, just waiting for new homes. Please contact the PMC if your conservation district needs additional plants. Catch up on the latest news in today's PMC update.

    Partners are important!

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