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No surprises is a better strategy than waiting and reacting

Categories: Advocacy, Executive Corner

Too early to review? With the Legislature still in session, is it too soon for a review of lessons learned this year? I don't think so. While many conservation districts engaged early and often with their electeds, some waited until an issue that bothered them came up. They spent some time trying to figure out how to respond and by …

Washington State COVID-19 Status Report - March 31, 2021

Categories: COVID, Featured

TL;DR – Governor Inslee announces vaccine eligibility expansion to all adults effective April 15 Gov. Jay Inslee today announced that effective April 15, all Washingtonians over the age of 16 will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. Over the past four months since Washington began administering doses of the vaccination, the state has followed a tiered eligibility system, beginning …
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WACD Legislative Budget Outlook

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Categories: Advocacy, Bills, Budget, Featured, State Legislature

WACD Legislative Budget Outlook This is the time of year where the rubber meets the road, when hypothetical budget proposals become real numbers. This will be WACD’s focus for the rest of the legislative session. We may even start to dream about these numbers FY21-23 Capital Budget House and Senate Proposals FY21-23 Operating Budget House and Senate Proposals The work …

2021 Urban Agriculture Conservation Grant Recipients - NACD

Categories: Grants, In the News, NACD

Congratulations to the Mason and Snohomish conservation districts for receiving a 2021 Urban Agriculture Conservation Grant! Mason Conservation District The Mason Conservation District’s “Farms in Translation” program is based on assistance to veteran and beginning farmers with increased and focused training aimed at their unique needs and obstacles, as well as outreach to low and limited English proficient communities through …

Washington State COVID-19 Status Report - March 30, 2021

Categories: COVID, Featured

TL;DR – Updated guidance from the Washington State Department of Health is available, plus several business and industry-specific guidance documents have been recently updated. Updated DOH Guidance Face Coverings and Masks Guidance (PDF) (wa.gov) Transient Accommodations (Hotels, Motels, B&Bs, etc.) (PDF) (wa.gov) Water Recreation Facilities - Reopening (PDF) Water Recreation Facility - Occupancy (PDF) Taxi and Rideshare Guidance (PDF) (wa.gov) …
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Week 11 General Legislative Review - March 29

Washington State legislative building
Categories: Bills, Budget, Featured, State Legislature

Week of March 22-26 With less than one month of the legislative session remaining, Friday, March 26 was the last day for bills to be passed out of policy committees in the opposite chamber. The next deadline comes quickly, with a Friday, April 2 cutoff for bills to pass fiscal committees in the opposite chamber. Senate Democrats released their 2021-2023 …

Week 12 Bills and Hearings: March 29 - April 2

Categories: Bills, Budget, State Agencies, State Legislature

Committee Meetings for the Week of March 29 Monday, March 29 9:00am – House Capital Budget Public Hearing: HB 1080 – Concerning the capital budget. 1:30pm – House Appropriations Executive Session: HB 1094 - Making 2021-2023 fiscal biennium operating appropriations 1.:30pm – Senate Ways and Means Executive Session: SB 5092 - Making 2021-2023 fiscal biennium operating appropriations. Tuesday, March 30 …
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Conservation Specialist Position Announcement - Clackamas SWCD

Categories: Jobs

Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District seeks an experienced Conservation Specialist. This individual will work mainly with small farms and rural/urban residential properties. The ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of plant material including proper placement and maintenance. A demonstrated working knowledge of urban conservation practices including bioswales and rain gardens is also desirable. Source: Conservation Specialist Position Announcement …

The importance of appreciating our people (or where I use the L word)

Categories: Executive Corner

This week, I threw off my COVID shackles and traveled to Spokane to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Spokane Conservation District's shiny new building. Board members, staff (current and from earlier eras), partners, and more gathered to hear about how this amazing project came to be and to celebrate this accomplishment. (More information about the project is available at …

Legislative Flavor for March 25, 2021

Categories: Advocacy, Bills, Budget, State Legislature

Legislative Flavor for March 25, 2021 By the time many of you read this, the Commission will have released their budget proposal summaries for the draft operating and capital budgets put out by the House and Senate. At this point on Thursday evening, we are still waiting on the House operating budget to be released. I will leave the full …
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