2021 WACD Annual Conference

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Conference News

November 2, 2021: The conference is underway!
Welcome to the 2021 WACD Annual Conference! Sessions started today and will conclude on Saturday, November 20. Click the Sessions tab for the schedule.
October 7, 2021: Welcome! Registration is now open!
Welcome! Registration is now open!

Registration is open
Registration for WACD’s 2021 Annual Conference is simple:

  1. Tell us who will be attending.
  2. We will invoice you for the appropriate registration fee.

Please note that registering for the conference does not automatically register you for the annual business meeting!

Registration for WACD’s 2021 Annual Conference is simple:

  1. Tell us who will be attending.
  2. We will invoice you for the appropriate registration fee.

1. Register your attendees

Register your attendees using our online form at https://form.123formbuilder.com/6010382/form.

2. Remit payment

The registration fee can be mailed to us or you can make payment by credit card.

Mail your check
If you choose the send-a-check option, please mail it early enough to arrive by close of business Friday, October 29, 2021. The mailing address is:

16564 Bradley Road
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Pay by credit card
If you choose to pay by credit card, we will send you an invoice for the registration fee you selected when registering. The registration fee for the WACD 2021 Annual Conference is $50 per person or $150 for your organization. We generally recommend the $150 registration rate so that you are not limited in the number of people from your organization who may attend.
October 7, 2021: Status update on annual conference plans
How is planning going for the WACD annual conference?

Assemble planning team: 100%
Build web structure to house conference information: 100%
Create registration packet: 85%
Finalize session topics and presenters: 50%
Obtain sponsors to reduce member cost: 20%
Publicize annual conference: 10%
August 24, 2021: Annual conference development is underway
Planning for the 2021 WACD Annual Conference is underway!

Important The recent reversion to stricter COVID-related protocols means that  WACD’s annual conference will be virtual in 2021 .


This schedule is not yet finalized. Some presentations may be recorded.

Tuesday: 11 am – 1:30 pm

Thursday: 5 pm – 7:30 pm

Saturday: 9 am – 11:30 am

Session #1 – November 2
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Conservation

Session #2 – November 4
Election Reform and Resolutions

Session #3 – November 6
Focus on Local Conservation

  • Update on VSP in Washington: Ron Shultz, WSCC and Levi Keesecker, WSCC
    View Ron and Levi’s recorded session
  • Supporting Community Urban Agriculture: Nora Carman-White (Thurston CD Education and Outreach Coordinator) An NACD grant project showcase of the development of the Yelm Community Garden in partnership with city government and the local food bank. 
  • Odessa groundwater project: Harold Crose, Grant County CD
    View Harold’s recorded session

Session #4 – November 9
Legislature and Veteran Programs

  • 2022 Legislative Session Panel: Rep. Sharon Shewmake and Senator Perry Dozier
  • Home Grown Support – a conversation with Veterans Conservation Corps interns
    View the VCC recorded session
  • Cultivating the way Home! – Vets on the Farm video
    View their video
  • Presentation of awards by WACD

Session #5 – November 11
Veterans Day

  • In honor of our veterans, we will not hold sessions on the Veterans Day holiday

Session #6 – November 13
Focus on Boards

Session #7 – November 16
State Conservation Commission

  • Special: WDFW updates! Joint WDFW in a Zoom room between 9:30 am and 11 am!
    View WDFW’s recorded session
  • Ask MRSC – Conservation District Edition – Steve Gross and Oskar Rey
    View MRSC’s recorded session
  • Water Topics Affecting Washington’s CDs – Panel Discussion led by Ron Shultz, WSCC Policy Director
    View the water panel’s recorded session
  • Drought, Irrigation Efficiencies, Out-of-Stream Uses – Jon Culp, WSCC Water Program Manager
  • Streamflow Restoration Grants and Watershed Planning – Bennett Weinstein, Water Supply Program Manager, Ecology
  • Water Banks and Adjudication – Robin McPherson, Adjudications and Water Banks Manager, Ecology

Session #8 – November 18
State Conservation Commission

Session #9 – November 20
Cross-border Conservation

The first part of the session will start at 9:00 am and end by 11:00 am. Committees will begin to meet at noon.

  • Panel on Fish Barrier Partnerships: Anna Lael (Kittitas County CD), Carl Schroeder (Association of Washington Cities), Daryl Williams (Tulalip Tribes), Ron Shultz (Washington State Conservation Commission)
    View the panel’s recorded session
  • WACD Tribal Relations Committee: Larry Davis, TRC Co-Chair. Attend this session and learn about the Committee’s recommendations that were adopted by the WACD Board. Now it’s time to plan for the implementation of the strategies to implement the recommendations. Please come and share your ideas. Time permitting the TRC will engage in Q&A with attendees.
    View the Committee’s recorded session
  • WACD committees vote on resolutions will begin at 12 PM


  • Session #1: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Conservation
    • Jeanette Dorner, Pierce CD and WACD President
    • Ebony Webber, COO of MANRRS
    • Kim LaFleur, First VP of NACD
    • Sarah Dryfoos, {R}evolution Lab, and Dr. Cindy Caldwell, DEI Management: Committee on DEI
    • Maria Lara, Streamline
  • Session #2: Election Reform and Resolutions
    • Mark Craven, Snohomish CD and WACD Past President
  • Session #3: Focus on Local Conservation
    • Ron Shultz and Levi Keesecker, Washington State Conservation Commission
    • Harold Crose, Grant County CD
    • Alex Case-Cohen and Mary Malone, Pend Oreille CD
  • Session #4: Legislature and Veteran Programs
  • Session #5: Veterans Day, no session in honor of our veterans
  • Session #6: Focus on Boards
    • Amy Hays
  • Session #7: State Conservation Commission
  • Session #8: State Conservation Commission
  • Session #9: Cross-border Conservation
    • Larry Davis, WACD Tribal Relations Committee Co-Chair

Session #1: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Conservation

Jeanette Dorner / Pierce Conservation District

Jeanette Dorner
Jeanette Dorner

Jeanette first began working with the Pierce Conservation District in 1996 when she created a community group to restore the health of Muck Creek and the District became a major supporter of that effort.

She grew up in south Pierce County on the banks of Muck Creek, a tributary to the Nisqually River. She has a B.S. in Earth Sciences and a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Pacific Lutheran University and an M.S. from the University of Washington’s College of Forest Resources with a focus on Restoration Ecology.

She worked for 11 years as the Salmon Recovery Program Manager with the Nisqually Tribe, coordinating the protection and restoration of the Nisqually watershed, then five years as the Director of Ecosystem Recovery at the Puget Sound Partnership. Jeanette joined the Nisqually Land Trust in November 2020 as Executive Director.

Jeanette chairs the Pierce Conservation District and serves as the current President of the Washington Association of Conservation Districts.

Ebony Webber / Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences

Ebony Webber MANRRS
Ebony Webber MANRRS

Mrs. Webber has spent the past 15 years transforming MANRRS into a nationally recognized name. She focuses on driving innovation while building enriching programs to connect diverse students and professionals and aid in their leadership development.

Ebony hails from a rural town in the Mississippi Delta, received her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Stillman College and holds a certification in Technology Management and Master’s in Business Administration, both from the University of Phoenix.

Kim LaFleur / National Association of Conservation Districts

Kim LaFleur, NACD
Kim LaFleur, NACD

Kim LaFleur is the state advisor and program director for the Massachusetts FFA Association. Along with her husband Jeff, and two sons Cameron and Logan, they own and operate Mayflower Cranberries in Plympton, Massachusetts. LaFleur also breeds and shows World Grand Champion miniature horses and Shetland ponies.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife and fisheries biology from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. She serves as the chair of the Plymouth County Conservation District’s board and is the 2012 recipient of the NRCS/NACD Olin Sims Conservation Leadership Award.

LaFleur serves as First Vice President for the National Association of Conservation Districts.

Sarah Dryfoos, {R}evolution Lab

Sarah Dryfoos
Sarah Dryfoos

Sarah Dryfoos (They/Them) is the co-founder and principal at {R}evolution Lab, a social impact consulting collaborative and equity incubator. Sarah grew up in Northern California, in a community that was built to foster sustainability, resiliency and connection. This upbringing informed Sarah’s interests in undergraduate school, where they studied Environmental Policy through the Planning, Public Policy and Management department at the University of Oregon. Sarah went on to receive a Masters in Public Health from Oregon Health Science University and Portland State University.

Sarah has 16 years of experience working in social sector organizations where they have focused their attention on building systems and cultures that are resilient, equitable and effective. In their free time, Sarah enjoys making pottery, cooking, being outdoors, and spending time with their partner and puppy.

Dr. Cindy Caldwell, DEI Management

Cindy Caldwell
Cindy Caldwell

Growing up in Texas as a woman who identifies as a Lesbian, Dr. Cindy Caldwell experienced the horrific effects of sexism and homophobia. This fueled her desire to educate people about the issues surrounding those that are Queer, as well as those experiencing homelessness, poverty, a disability or all of these things.

Dr. Caldwell received her PhD in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology (Carl Jung psychology of archetypes and symbolism) from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her education in mythology seemed a natural springboard for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work. Her studies included research into Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Indigenous People and African religions, the understanding of which translates extremely well into DEI work.

Dr. Caldwell is a certified Diversity, Equity and Inclusion professional, as well as a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory or IDI. The IDI is a well-known assessment tool that provides data showing the biases and cultural awareness of an organization or individual.

Maria Lara, Streamline

Maria Lara
Maria Lara

As Streamline’s Special District Advocate, Maria has collaborated with over 500 special districts across the US to empower local governments with the support of technology. By getting to know each district personally, Maria is able to help them overcome each unique challenge within the office and throughout the community. Her expert knowledge regarding local government technology legislation, ADA compliance, and district operations allow districts to easily achieve their technology goals.

Session #2: Election Reform and Committee meetings

Mark Craven / Snohomish Conservation District

Photo of Mark Craven
Mark Craven

Mark Craven has served over 20 years on the Snohomish Conservation District Board of Supervisors. His commitment to the Snohomish community of farmers is truly inspiring.

In Mark’s words: “As a farmer, I’m given the opportunity to be a steward. It is a privilege to make a living off the land, and a responsibility to take care of it for those who come after. We don’t really own it. Having one’s name on a farm gives us the opportunity to make choices, good choices, for now and for future generations.”

Mark chairs the Snohomish Conservation District and serves as the Past President of the Washington Association of Conservation Districts.

Session #6: Focus on Boards

Amy Hayes / AEH Consulting

Raised on Jacques Cousteau and Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom, Amy knew early on that she would pursue a career in environmental sciences. After completing my education and entering the workforce, she pursued ways to combine her love for ecology with a desire to work directly with farmers, ranchers, and consumers who loved the land like she did. Along the way, Amy picked up a skillset in adult learning theory and today she practices all the things that she is passionate about.

Amy has spent most of my career working directly with land stewards to understand and improve ecological systems, build agricultural sustainability, restore wildlife habitat, and appreciate mankind’s role in continuous learning to steward the landscape. She has over 25 years of experience applying ecological principles as a backbone to outreach programs.

Amy applies adult learning principles in non-formal science education with her background in ecology to create solutions that help producers learn critical principles and management practices that support their farms and ranches. She specializes in learning design, environmental education, ecological principles, land stewardship, and generational intelligence.

Sponsorship levels

Sponsorship levels for 2021 are shown below and are also described in our sponsorship letter: WACD 2021 Annual Conference – Sponsorship Letter – FINAL.

Sponsorship value:$100$250$500$1,000$2,000 or more
Website (1 year):LogoLogoLogoLogoLogo
Newsletter (1 year):LogoLogoLogoLogoLogo
Conference materials:LogoLogoLogoLogo
Session introductions:One 5-minute blockOne 10-minute blockMore than 10 minutes
Showcase videos at conference:Up to 15 minutes of videoUp to 30 minutes of videoUp to 60 minutes of video
Dedicated Zoom room:1.5 hours3 hours
Publish to the Hub: InvitedInvited


Find information about WACD awards at https://wadistricts.org/wacd-awards.


WACD committees will review assigned resolutions and present one of three recommendations to the membership:

  • Vote to recommend passage
  • Vote to recommend passage with amendments; or,
  • Recommend Do-Not-Pass

On November 4th, the two committees will hear testimony from the original sponsor district and ask questions. Other interested parties are invited to provide their comments as this time as well. Those resolutions related to bylaw changes will be voted on at this meeting, and communicated to the Board of Directors for their meeting on November 15th.

On November 20th, the committees will meet again to offer amendments and adopt their recommendations to the remaining resolutions pending. Committee votes are conducted by the committee members present and recommendations require a simple majority vote.

Committees may prepare an original Committee Resolution on a motion from a committee member, seconded by another committee member. At the Business Meeting, the members present may consider an original Committee Resolution based on a motion by the committee chair, with a second.

If you have comments on any resolution, please send them to .

Resolution assignments to WACD Committees

Natural Resources Committee

Legislative, Bylaws, and District Policies Committee

Bylaws resolutions for the WACD Board

Resolutions adopted

Resolutions will be discussed and decided at the November 30, 2021, WACD annual business meeting. Resolutions adopted at the annual business meeting will be listed in this space.


Update, November 22: The Envirothon auction is live at https://www.biddingowl.com/Auction/index.cfm?auctionID=24331. You will need to create a Bidding Owl account to participate.

Support Washington State Envirothon!

This year’s auction will be virtual and all proceeds from the auction will support the Washington State Envirothon team on their road to Nationals. Washington State regional competitions will be combined with the state competition this year in a virtual format. Your financial support will help students prepare themselves for this year’s environmental competition and to be potential future leaders in the environmental and natural resources field.

The auction will be hosted online through Bidding Owl November 22-December 7, 2021.

Donations accepted until November 15

Each year, item donations are needed for the Washington State Envirothon Auction at the Washington Association of Conservation District (WACD) Annual Meeting. Items such as gift certificates, signed memorabilia, event tickets, outdoor gear, themed baskets, etc. are welcome donations.

If you would like to donate an auction item, please fill out the Google form near the bottom of this page: https://waenvirothon.org/auction/

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2021 Annual Conference Sponsors


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Sponsorship levels

Sponsorship value:$100$250$500$1,000$2,000 or more
Website (1 year):LogoLogoLogoLogoLogo
Newsletter (1 year):LogoLogoLogoLogoLogo
Conference materials:LogoLogoLogoLogo
Session introductions:One 5-minute blockOne 10-minute blockMore than 10 minutes
Showcase videos at conference:Up to 15 minutes of videoUp to 30 minutes of videoUp to 60 minutes of video
Dedicated Zoom room:1.5 hours3 hours
Publish to the Hub: InvitedInvited


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