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WACD Operations for February 2023

The information on this page is intended for WACD members and partners. For 2023, information will be reported weekly.

Week 5, January 30-February 3: Watch List / Hub spam

Week 5, January 30-February 3

Legislative Watch List: more bills added

We started the week by adding some new bills that were filed over the last handful of days. The Watch List has been updated. New bills as of Monday morning:

  • HB 1365 Improving Puget Sound water quality
  • HB 1421 Adding counties to the voluntary stewardship program
  • HB 1664 Ensuring rural representation on the environmental justice council
  • SB 5628 Preserving water rights for farmland and economic development

And later in the week, even more bills were added. Activity is heating up as the first cutoff date approaches.

Spam coming to us through Hub contact form

Spam has been coming to Ryan and Tom via the Hub’s contact form. Some of the content is a little “unsavory” so Tom implemented a reCAPTCHA filter on Monday. We’ll see how well it works to keep that content out of our inboxes. Hopefully, the filter won’t make it more difficult for legitimate comments to be submitted to WACD.

Awards delivered

Tom attended the Palouse CD annual meeting to deliver the President’s Award plaque to Jennifer Boie. That meeting was very well attended. The district of the year plaque for the Pine Creek CD was also hand-delivered to the PCCD manager, Casey Lowder.

Traveling to the Palouse meeting, Tom stopped at the Central/Eastern Klickitat CD office in Goldendale to visit with manager Loren Meagher. Mike Tobin, the North Yakima CD manager, was also present. The conversation was constructive and helpful.

Returning from the Palouse meeting, Tom also stopped at the Asotin County Conservation District to visit with manager Meghan Stewart. After that meeting, he received an email notice from the Palouse CD that someone at their event tested positive the next day for COVID 19.  Because of that, Tom did not attend the Clark CD board meeting on Thursday morning and instead hand-delivered Clark’s district of the year plaque to manager Zorah Oppenheimer in their new office in Vancouver.

Week 6, February 6-10:
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Week 5, January 30-February 3: Watch List / Hub spam