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In response to a motion passed by the WSCC in December 2020, WACD and WSCC is forming a joint committee to develop recommendations on conservation district elections reform. This was followed by a call for volunteers by WSCC in February 2021: Seeking CD volunteers to serve on election reform committee. The WSCC bulletin about volunteers also contains helpful information: Seeking CD volunteers to serve on election reform committee (or download it in PDF format: WSCC – Seeking CD volunteers to serve on election reform committee).

The four recommendations of the Joint Committee on Elections are:

  1. Conduct elections every other year, rather than every year as done currently.
  2. Extend supervisor terms (for both appointed and elected) from the current three-year
    term to a four-year term.
  3. Conduct district elections during one Conservation Month.
  4. Allow conservation districts the option to go on the general election ballot

Downloadable references & reports

Committee members

WACD Past President Mark Craven (Snohomish CD) will facilitate meetings of the committee.

First NameLast NameTitleOrganization
Audrey Ahmann Assistant Manager: Finance & Grants Administrator Walla Walla County CD
Ryan Baye Director of Legislative & Member Services WACD
Larry Cochran Supervisor, WSCC Vice Chair Palouse CD
Mark Craven Supervisor Snohomish CD
Jeanette Dorner WACD Immediate Past President Pierce CD
Bill Eller Voluntary Stewardship Program Coordinator WSCC
Joy Garitone District Coordinator Kitsap CD
Kirstin Haugen Supervisor King CD
Dave Hedrick District Manager Ferry CD
Laura Meyer Communications Manager WSCC
Mike Mumford WACD President Pend Oreille CD
Craig Nelson Executive Director Okanogan CD
Mike Nordin District Manager Grays Harbor CD, Pacific CD
Cindy Reed Supervisor North Yakima CD
Tom Salzer Executive Director WACD
Ron Shultz Director of Policy and Inter-governmental Relations WSCC