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The Shared Resources Work Group is formed from the adoption of Resolution 2022-08:

Resolved, that WACD shall work with WSCC staff and a group of District Managers/District Staff to
engage the Association’s membership to address the need and opportunity for expanded shared
resources and services for the following areas of need and service:

    • Human Resources
    • Legal Counsel
    • Information Technology
    • File/Data Management and Archiving (paper and electronic)
    • Financial Consulting for Software, Processes, and Policies
    • Grant Writing
    • Capacity Building
    • Training and Education

Based on that work, WACD shall develop a list of next steps that shall include the following items:

    • Funding options for the support of best practices and compliance for Districts, including:
      • Grants;
      • Budget requests;
      • The creation of a 501(c)(3) to support District training, infrastructure, education, capacity, and facilitate discounted shared resources.
    • Opportunities to fund a part-time position to assist with setting up resources and services that Districts could use at a discount.
    • A list of the most needed resources that are able to be shared.

WACD shall report to the membership by June 30, 2023.

Committee members

First NameLast NameTitleOrganization
Ryan Baye Director of Legislative & Member Services WACD
Jean Fike Regional Manager Washington State Conservation Commission
Renee Hadley District Manager Walla Walla County CD
Caitlin Harrold District Manager Rock Lake CD
Becca Hebron District Manager Foster Creek CD
Casey Lowder District Manager Pine Creek CD
Linda Lyshall Executive Director Snohomish CD
Heather McCoy Executive Director Whidbey Island CD
Loren Meagher District Manager Central/Eastern Klickitat CDs
Sarah Moorehead Executive Director Thurston CD
Mark Nielson District Manager Franklin and Benton CDs
Zorah Oppenheimer District Manager Clark CD
Brandy Reed District Manager Whatcom CD
Ryan Williams Executive Director Cascadia CD