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This page contains several sections:

  • Section 1: Committee meetings
  • Section 2: Resolutions as assigned to WACD Committees
  • Section 3: Current status of 2022 resolutions
  • Section 4: Bylaws changes
  • Section 5: Other business brought from the floor

1 – Committee meetings

WACD committees will review assigned resolutions and present one of three recommendations to the membership:

  • Vote to recommend passage
  • Vote to recommend passage with amendments; or,
  • Recommend Do-Not-Pass

On Monday, November 7th, the Natural Resources Policy Committee will meet at 6:00 pm and the Legislative, Bylaws, and District Policies Committee will meet at 7:00 pm. The two committees will hear testimony from the original sponsor district and ask questions. Other interested parties are invited to provide their comments at this time as well.

Policy Committee Hearing Zoom Information available – HERE
Meeting ID: 845 3330 5592
Zoom Number – 253-215-8782

On Thursday, November 17th, the two committees will meet again at 6:00 pm (Natural Resources) and at 7:00 pm (Legislative, Bylaws, and District Policies) to offer amendments and adopt their recommendations to the remaining resolutions pending. Committee votes are conducted by the committee members present and recommendations require a simple majority vote.

Policy Committee Voting Zoom Information available – HERE
Meeting ID: 871 3770 0601
Zoom Number – 253-215-8782

Committees may prepare an original Committee Resolution on a motion from a committee member, seconded by another committee member.

If you have comments on any resolution, please send them to .

2 – Resolution assignments to WACD Committees

The WACD Executive Committee assigned resolutions to committees on Friday, October 28th.

Natural Resources Committee

Legislative, Bylaws, and District Policies Committee

3 – 2022 resolutions

These are the 2022 Adopted Resolutions, as approved by the association at the 2022 Annual Business Meeting.

4 – Bylaws changes

The WACD Board of Directors will consider possible changes to the bylaws at their November 21st regular business meeting. Currently, only one proposal has been presented at area meetings, and that is to allow one of the two area director positions in each area to be filled by a conservation district manager/executive director.

5 – Other business brought from the floor

Since the 2022 WACD annual business meeting has not yet occurred, there is no information available for this topic at this time.